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A guy w/a sense of humor AND a poet (does he know it?).  (((not my ad!!!)))




*To the tune of Hot Rod Lincoln*
Wife says, boy, you got me to beggin', for you to sell that Outback Wagon.
Did you hear the story of the Subaru.
Built in '98, it's nowhere new.
The facts are true, as you will see,
Cause I am selling that Legacy.
It's got the two five motor, that's just all stock,
Blew a headgasket once, but didnt crack the block.
Motor pulled and gasketed it all
And a recent radiator, ready for fall.
With four titanium plugs and single exhaust
And a repaired rearend, that sure did cost.
Its got two airbags, but I aint scared.
Brakes are good, and tires are 50% fair.
Pulled out of Spokane early one day.
Headed to the mountain so I could play.
We was driving up Chewelah Peak's hill,
Passing two wheel drives like their standing still.
All of a sudden I began to slide.
My friends all thought that we would die.
I said "Boys, there is no need to shout!"
All four wheels grabbed and straightened us out.
This car's the best when it's wintery blind.
If you live on a hill, you should keep this in mind.
When the heater heats up, man alive
I swore it got up to at least 95
I've wound it up once to 86
Had to speed on up to get my fix
Friends said "Slow down, I see a cop!"
quickly took it down to 60 before I got stopped
Now you probably all wonder what else its got.
It has AC, that now blows hot
Replace the compressor is all you gotta do
and it will blow cold, and as good as new!
After market stereo stuffed in the console.
Some speakers dont work so it wont sound full.
I may chase the wires on an open day
So the music will be loud when you choose to play.
Power steering seems to have a runny nose
looks like the reservoir, not from a hose.
Simple fix to get the leak to stop
Cause on the engine the pump sits right on top.
Down a dirt road I felt some chatter
Struts are what I gured to be the matter,
No time to replace them for I work long days
Need to sell this car, for I got bills to pay.
Two small dents, I'll tell you where they're at
Left hood and fender, where a snowplow sat
Also has scratches that may buff out
again its not perfect without a doubt.
193,000 miles on the odometer
Starts right up with a quiet purr.
I need to buy a truck to keep my wife from begging
To please try and sell that 
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