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6 Lug Q part 2

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I am looking at these wheels from a 98 Nissan Frontier, and basically the same question -Do these look okay to redrill?

The back side looks pretty flat, just wanted to get advice/opinions from some who have done this or anyone running this type of wheel...







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Those are actually toyota wheels but yes for sure those will work.


They are actually the best when it comes to offset.....there are only a few other types with that shallow offset that fits inside the subie fenders.


Drill your holes acurate and not too much larger than the wheel stud.  Use the flat side of the nut against the rim instead of the beveled.

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Thanks, Gloyale -that is what I was hoping to hear! 


Should I try to bevel the holes or just make holes?


I think I can do this myself -I am going to get a hub to use as a jig/template and I think a transfer punch is what I need...?

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