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Subaru Brumby (1993) owner in Australia

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Hello all. I just discovered this site when researching a question about my just purchased 1993 Subaru Brumby utility. I think you call it a Brat pick-up in the US. 


This is the third Brumby we've had over the years. One we sold to our daughter, and the other has been 'retired' to become an unregistered farm-only paddock-basher, after 380,000kms. 


This 'new one' is in excellent condition, and EVERYTHING STILL WORKS! It has done only 168,000 kms, with a full service history, and has some extra goodies (like air conditioning and power steering), I'm tickled pink about it. 


I hope I can fit in here. It depends a bit on whether I don;t get too confused about the different Subaru terminology in Australia and the US. 





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Welcome to the board! I'm sure you'll do just fine here. Use the search function a lot and ask questions in the right places and you should find that everyone is pretty helpful.


I wish I could get a Brat that new! Definitely jealous. Post up some pictures!

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