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I've wanted a Subaru since I first drove a Girlfriends '95 Legacy about 10 years ago.  Never really had the chance or need to get on until recently when I picked up this one for my Girlfriend to use as her Winter car.  We never got a chance to teach her to drive it and her Z4 is now stranded on an Island (due to the floods last month) probably until the spring. So I'm driving the Subaru and she's got my Grand Cherokee.  We've taken it on a couple local trips over the last couple weeks and I'm really loving the fuel economy ~29mpg. 


I felt like I paid too much, ($1,900) but it does have a really clean interior and it ran and drove fine and has 4 new Michelin tires, there's a lot of Subarus in Boudler but they command a premium compared to the rest of the country.  I did replace 1 axle and have to replace to oil pres switch and the valve covers and plan on doing a timing belt job as soon as I can get back home.



This was up at the top fo Pike's Peak last weekend.


Tried taking it up Tin Cup but it didn't have the ground clearance.


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Your car is retrofittable with parts up thru 99 legacy as far as struts, engine, or transmission, or suspension parts. I really love these first gen legacy. They seem to be built more tightly than the 95-99, especially with the interior. I would pay good money for a good example (not rusted out)

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