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strut options with more then 8'' of travel.

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depends on exactly how much travel the struts have and where that extra travel went.A bit more down travel necessarily won't destroy axles because there isn't as much weight on the tire, but if you start tucking the tire upwards the weight/force on the axle goes up especially if said tire touches the body work or binds up in some way.


I made some experimental front struts out of VW strut inserts with 8" of stroke,they failed offroad, but they were an interesting experiment.Even with the increase stroke I wasn't able to use that full travel.A stock 80's subaru strut only has about 6.5" of stroke but can really only use about 5",with my setup I was only able to get about 6.5-7" of travel because the coil springs compressed into a solid stack and the bump stop started interfering as well.So to get 8" of travel you would need something like 10" of stroke on a strut.


I measured travel at the strut, wheel travel is a bit more.

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I was also hoping to find better struts, better in both damping and travel. I've got a 99 OBW so it would be compatible with what you have on your car, but I haven't found anything. 

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Struts from a 97 Impreza or Outback? If you still have struts that came on an impreza you can get another 3-4 inches of lift by swapping Outback or Forester struts/springs in there. There's a sticky on it that covers most of the info here in the off road section.


Much more lift than that without matching body lift will certainly kill axles.

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