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Looking for 5sp D/R plugs pinout

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I'm working on a swap project (http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/117202-1978-4x4-wagon-build-thread/) and am looking for the pinout for the '89 GL transmission.

I've been looking everywhere and for some reason can't track these down - it's really just two plugs...  If anyone can point me to one or send me one you'd make my life a bit easier.  

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Or you could climb under the car, undo the plugs where they join the switches, get a multimeter on the "resistance" setting, and make up your own diagram ;)


I'm guess a 5spd, dual range, part time 4wd trans? Because I can remember that there at least 8 different manual transmissions in the L series depending on spec...


If so, you'll at least have:

reverse light power

reverse light signal

4wd power

4wd signal

low range power

low range signal

neutral switch power

neutral switch signal


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