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March 2013 was when I got her... Stoked ever since

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I recently got a 2013 wrx within the last couple months. I plan on leaving the engine untouched to avoid pissing off the dealership guys so I can retain my warranty. Does a replacement of suspension or wheels/tires along with exhaust violate that? She's already tinted, with some rain guards fitted for this friggin Florida weather. What wheels should I go with? Is upgrading the suspension really worth it? Isn't it already a nice suspension? What sort of front tag should I mount on her?

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I'm not sure about your warranty questions, but as far as suspension and wheels go, it all kinda depends on your preference.


The stock set-up is nice, but some people like the look or performance of lifting or lowering or stiffening the suspension. If you like the way the car looks and drives and it does the things you want it to do, I wouldn't mess with it. If not, change it up a little bit.


What do you generally use the car for? Daily driver, off-road, racing, etc. How you want to use the car really dictates what components you want to install.

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