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wheel spacers needed 7mmish recommendations please!

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I'm not a big fan of wheel spacers and will do with the least possible! this all started when an alignment shop "corrected" my steering wheel spline missalignment by adjusting my tie rods X.X this messes with turning radius and makes the car feel FUNKY! I corrected this by marking a line across both tie rods(across all 3 pieces) and counting the revolutions to get it even on each side, while car was running. supprise supprise my steering wheel is almost where it was before and my car feels much more like a car, even radiuses.


In the two days it was out of whack the tie rod with the most extension caused my tire to rub really baddly on a "freindly" serface of the wheel well. my concern that is that after correcting this my wheels still might rubb a little while cornering hard my last wheels were 225/55/17 with a 55mm offset and they didn't rub at all as far as I could tell my current setup is 205/60/16 on 48mm


I don't want to spend a ton of money on these buy I will be using these rims for quite a while and then again on my girlfriends car... so please recommend a quality hubcentric spacer I can purchase online I have not had much luck in my search... I did like eiboch's  5mm kit but geez $90 for a set of two plus shipping....

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I found these that look like they keep hub centricity and are the best price point option I could find while maintaining a lip for the wheel to rest on.


I bought some $12 specials from fairfield tire that were 1/4 inch thick, with nothing contacting the center bore and not allowing the wheel to sit properly in the center bore.... EEEEWWWWW  I know know why the preformance ones are so expensive and will be getting a set soon.

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