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it allows you to unlock the car with a key and not sound the alarm.


i think this is a bigger deal in the 00 - 04 years since the alarm is always on them.


not sure of the exact details for 95 - 98 years.

but it allows some one else to park your car without the alarm remote.


read this:


Subaru Keyless Entry, Security Alarm, Immobilizer Key, Remote Start Systems. Most years and models

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but if you dont 'arm' the system and just lock the door the alarm wont go off anyways, right? btw, Thnx John

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it allows the owner to use the remote to lock and unlock the car,

AND it allows the parking attendant to lock and unlock with a key,

without sounding the alarm.


basically it is alarm OFF,

the remotes will lock and unlock, but will not ''arm'' the alarm.

you can still use the remote entry part of the system.


when not in valet mode, any time you use the remote to lock,

the alarm will sound when opened with a key.


think of it this way,

2 drivers, 2 keys, 2 remotes.

you loose a remote.

until you replace the remote,

you can't use the other one to lock the car,

since anytime the driver with no remote opens with a key,

the alarm will sound.

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