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'87 GL Wagon Wheel Stud Dimensions

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Happy Friday folks.


I write today regarding two wheel studs that need replacing on my '87 GL Wagon.

This wagon has a six-lug hub conversion.


One stud is missing and the other... We'll let's just say it's FUBAR'd.


I went to CarQuest the other day and could only order the studs on the hub.

The whole assembly.


I can order studs based on length, shoulder and knurl. 12x1.25.

Who here knows knurl diameter, shoulder size and a decent enough length?


Thank you guys.

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Dorman #610-322, M12-1.25 x 30.5mm are stock dimension studs. 21 mm head, 14.3mm knurl & 30.5 from head to shank end. These are what I used for my 6 lug conversion.



Here's the Dorman catalog:


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