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Hello All,

I have an 84 brat turbo, which the car dies after driving, very intermittent, A quick Key off, on will get it going again.

it idles for a few minutes then just shuts off.

I replaced the computer, mass air flow, Distributor.

I recently replaced the transmission. the car sat for a few months with the key accidentally left on (battery dead)

after the automatic tranny swap, it had 2 bad injector coils.

two injectors replaced, it would run, but had a bad miss at various rpms. so I ordered a remanufactured computer ecu. this did not fix it

I then unplugged the mass air flow. it ran better, but not right, so I bought a remanufactured MAF. this made it a little better, I then replaced the entire distributor, no change. I unhooked the knock sensor unit, unplugged the altitude sensor, etc

eliminated every electronic component I could still intermittent acts up.

It does this with the anti knock control unit unplugged.(car will run without it) It idles better with the Mass Air flow unit unplugged as well.

I measured all wiring from engine side of wire harness to the ECU, nothing measures bad.

UGGGG!!! at this point.




Tomorrow I plan on replacing the coil, and fuel pump.

seems to act up when I hit a bump on a right hand turn.

also, with headlights off it runs better.


Im thinking either the fuel pump is getting knocked and acts up, Coil may be getting hot and drawing more current, or alternator is acting up when hot. Car runs with battery terminals unhooked, so I know alternator is charging.


I will ultimately fix it and post my findings.


I still love my little money pit.....BTW also has a new turbo....wheel bearings,

got a small fortune in it.... I named it Johnny Cash..... one piece at a time....only wish it didn't cost me a dime...







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Have you inspected or replaced the fusible links in the little plastic box coming off the batery pos terminal attached to the inside of mudguard, top side, almost covered by wire loom ? Some of us down under have been using more modern plastic units that fit the EA82 series fusible link boxes. I have found FL corrosion in 23 year old Subes cripple a reliable beast.


Pumps usualy give trouble under boost with turbos before any idle speed issues. test your fuel pump relay ? for connection and function ?


Oct 84 non turbo twin carb Brumby :)

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My 83 turbo wagon was doing the same thing clean up the fusible links and make the connecters tighter with a pair of pliers, also clean up the positve on the fuse link box that comes from the battery. another thing would be to clean or replace the battery clamps. I have replaced my fuel pumps by taking them off ford f-250's that are fuel injected with dual tanks and they work great the pumps are made by bosch too. You just have to do some hose work with adapters, use the subaru mounting, and put the subaru plug with the ford connecters. I actaualy did this less than a month ago and again today since i have two 83 turbo wagons. Or get a pump off something with a fuel pressure equal to or greater than 44.3 psi

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COIL fixed it...

38 bucks would have likely saved me hundreds,

but at least now I have a lot of new goodies on it that I wont have to worry about.


thanks everyone





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