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strut help ea82 suspension guru needed

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Hello usmb


   My problem is this, I have a 2wd xt turbo so it came with the shortest strut subaru ever made for ea or ej type vehicles. So im doing a 5 lug swap and the impreza struts that will theoretically go on this vehicle will raise ride height about 2 inches. I have leone struts on the xt right now and it raised it up 2 inches and any ej struts are the same length or taller. so no doubt it will go up 2 inches.


I want to lower the car 2 inches from stock (so 4 inches from where it sits now) so i'll get springs. Now im not an expert but it seems like my strut will be really compressed if i drop it down 4 inches. Im so ignorant when it comes to suspension I'm just a dumb tattoo guy


Anyways if i get springs that are 2 inches lower AND i cut 2 inches off the top of my strut and re-thread it will that relieve some of the compression from the strut being longer than stock? Is this a bad idea in general? safety issues? Better ideas?


Thanks guys and oh I'm not broke but I really wanna get this on the road and not spend a gazillion dollars (until i plop some kinda ej25 engine in it) so if any responders could please keep this in my id be very grateful for any advice

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 I got 4 raceland coil overs for 500.00 They are height adjustable. 2008-2013 impreza. They ride a bit stiff but you can corner like a banshee. You can see pics at my build thread in member rides. 89 D/R swap cheers and good luck



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