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Electrical Gurus - Question Regarding Dimming Pillar Gauges

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It's Friday folks.

And with a new weekend, comes a new Scoob-Related question.


To all of the high voltage gurus out there...

My pillar-gauges are bright as can be.


Driving at night with the most neon-of-light smashing into your eyeballs can be a struggle.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there must be something that can be wired inline to dim the brightness? Yah?

Perhaps a... Resistor? That would limit power, resulting in dimmer lighting, correct?


What could be wired inline, to dim aftermarket Autometer pillar gauges?

Much appreciation in advance.

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What make of autometer gauges? They usually have a signal wire that taps into a dash light looking for a signal that the lights are on to dim the gauges. 

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Easiest thing would be to wire in a 0-50 ohm potentiometer inline on the positive feed to the gauge lights so you can dim them independently. If you tie them to the dash dimmer, you will end up not being able to see the dash by the time you get the gauges adjusted so they don't blind you.

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