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HOWDY from Colorado!

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I bought my first Subaru in October of '12 and have been very pleased. The other night, on my way home from work, I had a tire blowout, which would have left me stranded were it not for Subaru Roadside Assistance. 

The next day I called to make an appointment to replace the tire and learned that, due to the AWD, I would need to replace all 4 tires (the other three have 18,000 mi/each). After reading up on the subject, it makes sense, although I'm still floored at the expense I'm about to incur. 

Anyway, a co-worker recommended that I join a Subaru forum in order to stay on top of issues like this, find the answers to any questions I may have, and to learn more about my car in general. So here I am! 



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Welcome! And yes, your tech was right. Having vastly different tire tread depths can damage the center diff. on your soobie. A bit pricey, but to me, my soobs are so worth it.


I don't know what your place of service offers or recommends, but sometimes garages will shave down the tread on a new tire to match old ones. A cheaper option.

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