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emissions hoses

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Does anyone have a diagram for routing larger diameter hoses in a 85 GL 1.8L SOHC Carb AT? There are 4 plastic cylinders that are connected by these large diameter hoses some of which feed into the ASVs and PCV system.

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Passenger side there is one PCV and One ASV.


PCV goes from valve cover to front inlet on that side of aircleaner.


ASV goes from silencer (plastic cylider) to other on that side of aircleaner.



Drivers side.  1 PCV and 1 ASV and one open tube(dumb....don't know why they did this)


PCV from valve cover, up to a T with a small end...small end goes to aircleaner.  Big end of T goes to PCV valve.


ASV hose goes to rear large port on aircleaner.


Hose to nowhere comes off the front of aircleaner and points down at engine.  Open on the end.  just hangs there.




Now.....if you want to get rid of ASV system, which you should....


Do this.   At the back of each head, where the stainless exhaust tubes enter the ASV reed vavles, you will see the tubes screw in with a large nut fitting.  Undo this fitting, loosen the mounting bolts of the ASV, and then stick a quarter(U.S. money) in the opening.  Screw the fitting back in.  100% blocked off ASV.


Now you can remove the plastic silencer boxes and the hoses from them to aircleaner.  And you've always got $.50 to make a payphone call j/k


You can also delete the large hose from the EGR to the "anti-afterburn" valve.  Cap the large tube or replace EGR with one from an SPFI model (no hose)

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Thanks! I mean thanks alot! I've been scratching my head trying to figure out where the big hoses go. 


I have a busted ASV (corroded around the cap) so I'll plan on the quarter trick for one side. AZ has emissions testing in my area, so even something as old as an 85 has to pass, so maybe I'll leave the other side hooked up.


I'd wait for those quarters to cool down before making a call. :D

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