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93 legacy 2.2 wagon


cruise control will engage and power the vehicle forward, but much lower than the set speed, and then only on flat or descending inclines. If I encounter a slight uphill, then it slows.

Example: I set it at 45 MPH on a slight downhill, and it maintained it, but when I encountered an uphill portion of the road it slowed to 30 and stayed at thirty until the next downhill. At higher speeds (65 MPH) it won't maintain at all but will fall back to 55-60 even on flats or slight downhills.




On a slightly unrelated note, the speedometer cable has recently(past 2 weeks) become noisy. Is it possible to lube, or should I just replace? The cruise issue is a year old, so I wouldn't think there's a correlation between the two, but...

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