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Old car noob from Colorado Springs

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Spent the last few months getting my 1000 dollar Volvo dialed in, and now it is time to get the Subie, Demonica, completed.


My early on experience with Subaru was not a good one.  My first year legacy caught fire and burned up on the freeway after the dealers complimentary first oil change with less than 4000 miles.  Anyway, enough about that.


My fiance' had an old 94 loyale that was not running.  I put in a relay due to the ignition switch wires being there, but not able to carry enough current for the starter solenoid.  Lots of trips to the junkyard later, the MAF, inlet plenum and idle control valve were replaced to get it running.  Also, the ignition was replaced with new cap, rotor and wires/plugs.  A stereo and decent speakers were also added.


Also, the car was used for storage by her kid, who also did lots of his own mods like having a wire hang out the front to pull the hood latch.


Now it is time to get rid of the check engine light, rich running and ugly paint and dents.  I am looking forward to gaining experience and sharing things that go well or not so well in my driveway.


I am planning to keep the Loyale forever as there are only 130,000 miles on it.  At any given time there are six of these at the You Pull and Pay lot.





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I've been able to find some L series at pull n pay but only found one Loyale last year. I'm still learning about these Subaru's, II'm down in Widefield area. I'll be pulling my 4WD trans-axle out to replace it with a dual range 4WD. Most f the problems I've had with my Loyale is Vacuum Solenoids. If you need help just send me a message.

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