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like to get an old gen meet going in the oregon area

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After going to the west coast subaru id really like to get together with other Old Gen Subaru lovers here in the NW.

i see so many pages on facebook etc on the new gen (which are great and i love em) but i want to see all the Old gen rigs.


Would anyone be want to join in on this? Im thinking after christmas time. 


If your interested Post on here or pm me.

maybe if we find out where everyone is coming from finding a good place to all meet would be easier.


Im in Salem, OR


Where yall at?




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I'm in Tigard OR. I have a Subaru meet going on every two weeks (every other Monday) that gets quite a few Subarus :)


I made an old gen meet up about 6 months ago, maybe longer, was a great turn out in my opinion... 20+ cars

Do alot of old gen subies show up to that meet?


and id really like to see as many cars as possible spread the word!

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I would be interested in the meet.   I'm south of Tillamook. But Salem is only 50 miles over Bible Creek.

This summer, I would like to host a meet.  I have a nice 5 acre pasture with a few Subies grazing already... what's a few more.

that would be awesome. I think im going to make a facebook for it ill post the link on here and anyone who would like to host can add info.

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anyone have ideas for a location? somewhere outdoorsy and accessible. preferably not close to a residential/noise sensitive area either.. i was thinking somewhere in the canby or estacada area. what do you guys think? seems like everyone who has replied is really close.

I can talk to a few ppl i know that live in the estacada area and canby see if anyone can bounce some ideas my way

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