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New to me 84 Brat (pics)

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Thought I'd show off my new brat and get some help spitballing for ideas when I start to build it up!


It's an 84 originally from Texas. A bit of rust but really nothing compared to what I fixed on my 88 hatchback (build thread).


It was a surprise present from my incredibly awesome girlfriend.


Kinda cool that's it's the same color as my hatch. They will be a matched pair.


Anyway, I'm thinking EJ 22/25 Frankenmotor with porting and torque cams, 5spd D/R (I have one EA-EJ adapter plate left!), 6 lugs with BFG All-terrains, 3 or 4 inch lift, rear discs... I also have a power steering rack and cross-member but I don't know if I want it for my hatch or the brat... what else... make the jump seats removable, nice thick bed-liner, new paint, maybe some custom plate bumpers with hidden winches... kinda dreaming here but it's fun to do!







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Oh, wow. I remember seeing that on Craigslist not too long ago. That was down by me.


Awesome girlfriend.


Have fun with it. Make a twin for the hatch  :P

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Looks nice for around here! Looking forward to see what you do with it! 

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