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Questions about ea82t

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Am doing a complete reseal on a 86 gl-10 including the trans and replacing the rack and pinion with a used one that hopefully doesn't leak like the old one.

Question is on the turbo anyone have a good source for the gaskets on the inlet and outlet exhaust side?

Checked with the dealer and 50 for the two seems a bit steep.



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they're dealer only parts. your only chance on a deal is to shop around. they might be cheaper at subaruparts.com but shipping would probably erase the difference.


are you replacing the oil and coolant drainage lines under the turbo as well? they're also dealer-only.


since you're putting in a used rack and pinion, you might take the RP somewhere and have the inner tie rod ends checked. if they need replacing, it might be easier and cheaper off of the car?

good luck with everything.

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