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Replacement bracket on seat that holds lap belt of seatbelt?

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Random question...  Does anyone know what you would call that bracket on the side of a front seat in a first-gen Legacy with the automatic seatbelts?


My bracket on the driver's side is broken, but I can't figure out the right words to search for to find a replacement.  :confused:


It's just right on the outside edge of the seat, right where the seat back meets the seat bottom.  The lap belt runs through it (it's a flat loop-shaped plastic bracket), and when you slide the seat forwards or backwards, that loop holds on to the end of the seatbelt so that you can grab it.   That's the piece I'm talking about.  ;)



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Have to remove the seat and the track. Then there are a couple bolts or screws which secure the hoop to the seat track.

Gonna be a junkyard only part I think. Easiest to get the whole seat.

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