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So I just picked up this 1996 Impreza Outback sport 2.2L 5 speed a few weeks ago and I am hearing a clicking/bind/banging in the front end when turning both ways at full lock on dry pavement. I did a bit of research and found it may be torque bind in the front diff? I just reolaced the trans/diff fluid after finding out it was a quart low and dirty, filled it with 80w90 gear oil which seemed to cure the sound for a day but now it's back. Anyone have any suggestions on what this may for sure be or how to cure it?

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Could be CV joint. How do your tires look? It may be obvious but if all 4 tires aren't the exact same size (Within 1/4-inch of tire circumference or about 2/32-inch of each other in remaining tread depth.it can and will cause diff stress. When I bought my car it had extremely warn front winters and not so worn rears, I didn't hear any clicking or binding but I found it felt much more "free" when I bought 4 new.

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