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Just had my '98 OBW through the 90K service, and it came back with a clean bill of health. I could have done a lot of it myself, but I have other things I would rather spend my time on.


The only thing noted for future concern is there appears to be some type of exhaust leak. I hear it all the time, but I attributed it to the piston slap mentioned so often. The sound can be heard any time while accelerating (warm or cold), and after really listening, it did remind me of the sound I got off my old '75 Ford F250 I used to own (now that had an exhaust leak!). Dealer recommends aftermarket to replace it when I want to since they said it would be over $1000 for a factory replacement. So, the question is, what system is recommended to provide a little better breathing for my OBW, and where to get such a system. I am on the West Coast (Washington State).

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