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vibration at high speed acceleration

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So I have to replace the cv joint dude. Said it was motor mount just got car can I check it by twisting tire





Right on ill check that just the car pretty nice500 runs good all power alll works

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checking lug nuts is a great idea.


vibration on acceleration is usually inner DOJ. i'm slightly surprised that it doesn't do it at slow speeds but it's got some years on it and if it's aftermarket anything is possible.


is one of the inner boots broken on the cv axle, next to the transmission?


if it's an after market axle then that's likely the problem, they're awful and have lots of issues.


if the axle is no good buy a used OEM axle and reboot it, preferrably with Subaru boots, they last longer.  www.car-part.com.  problem is finding an original OEM axle after all these years.


FWE in colorado is about the only 100% solution other than used OEM.

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Thanks a lot for the advice I'll check it in the morning but I think one was shot tighten the lug nuts hey seemed snug but I do like the car good 4+4 here in the az snowcountry

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