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when removing the ball joint a crack started at the very top of the notch for spreading the ball joint open. it's about 1/2" to 3/4" long and isn't anywhere near all the way or even half way through.


i welded it from the inside ball joint area, installed it and torqued the pinch bolt, then welded the crack from the outside as well.


GD posted in another thread that welding cast iron isn't effective.


New bearings/hubs will be on order but for now i'll drive it to work tomorrow morning.


Good idea, bad idea?


this is for an XT6 but they share EJ/Legacy/Impreza hubs (they can be interchangeable, same ball joint part number, etc) so I posted it here.

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I would think that's from someone wailing on it in the past trying to replace a ball joint.


Cast iron can be welded, but its best to preheat it first, then toss a blanket over it to withold the heat and allow it to cool slowly.


I'd drive it. Just don't be crazy with it.

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I had once cracked an xt6 knuckle in the same mannet. I then found out that the xt6 ball joint is actually smaller thn one for a legacy, but the same size as some earlier impreza (maybe fwd?) I damaged mine trying to install the ball joint. Since they were out of stock, i got a legacy ball jont with the one xt6 unit they had, and this is how i discovered that they were different.

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