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Newbie in a so oboe

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My wife informed me that my jeep would be listed for sale and she would like something a bit more safe. I wasn't about to dispute any further after the aluminum wheel adapter loosened last week on our way back from camp causing the wheel to completely disengage from the hub. With 3 dogs in the vehicle, our two year daughter and a pregnant wife with number 2, I was up against the wall....we managed to pick up an '06 outback legacy xt. She never questioned the turbo which I must say for me is huge benefit. I'm completely in love with this car and now find myself a member of the best forum for soobie owners. Im researching the potential problems associated with a turbo model and so far am a little confused on the whole oil feed or screen filter delete mod one can do to prevent any potential oil starvation. Anyone have any more info on this or other links/write ups?? Hoping to get well over another 100k out of this car if I give her some good ole tlc and keep up the maintenance. Thanks in advance

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