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Hi All


I have a '95 Legacywith a very intermittent problem for many years... sometimes, particularly when it's just been driven for a while, the engine cranks but never 'catches'. when the problem was very bad, the mechanic replaced the cam sensors. now it happens less often, usually after turning off the car and re-starting within half an hour. more prone to happen in warmer weather. sometimes i get lucky and press the pedal all the way down, and the engine eventually catches after a few cranks!! otherwise, i walk away, come back in a half hour or more and the car usually starts right up. there is spark on all plugs.




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Do you have a CEL? First thing would be to pull the fault code or codes.


Meanwhile, all the symptoms you describe point to a malfunctionning coolant temp sensor. Your car's ecu gets the message that the engine is cold when in fact it is hot. Sends too much gas and floods it. That's why it catches when you floor the pedal (= more air and leaner mixture), and when you wait a while (the engine temp drops and is more in line with what the sensor is telling the ECU.) Had this exact problem both with a Loyale and a Legacy. Replacing the sensor cured the problem in both cases. Not very expensive and not that hard to replace.

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