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need help finding a replacement corner light assembly for 1990 subaru loyale wagon

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i was learning how to drive in this car and didnt know at the time that it had locking diffs for 4wd which make it very hard to turn on asphalt so i tried to turn into my driveway and ended up hitting a tree breaking my front left corner light(not just the lens, but the entire light). And now i cant find a replacement for the life of me.

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Im sure someone has one if you post in the wanted section.

I have one set off an 86 GL but I believe they are slightly different than your Loyale so youd have to replace both or just find the one left side that you need.




Though geez thats expensive haha! Let me know via PM or something and I can get mine off to you for less than that.

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Be aware, there are two different styles. I found this out the hard way on eBay. One style is for sealed beam headlights, the other is for the large plastic composite headlights. I need a left side for the seaLed beam style if anyone has one....



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