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1998 impreza outback engine swap 2.5 turbo

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I am curious if a wrx engine will bolt into my 1998 Impreza with a non turbo 2.2 in it now this engine is sounding pretty rough and before it completely dies i'm doing some research so if it can be swapped without doing heavy mods to frame or engine please let me know what all needs to change. i'm assuming wiring will have to change (do they make wiring harnesses that will convert it?) and i'm hoping the engine mounts are the same.

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bolts right up and fits right in, that's the easy part.


turbo exhaust won't clear the non-turbo crossmember, either install a turbo cross member, cut/notch the non-turbo cross member for clearance to "match" a turbo crossmember, or custom make the exhaust to go around it.  crossmember work is much simpler and better long term so you don't have wonky exhaust parts to swap out if needed.


wiring is big issue. you need a complete engine and body side wiring harness for the new engine.  you can pay someone a few hundred to splice/set up a harness for you (post a thread on here or search for the couple of people that do it and send them a message) or get the FSM's and pour over all the wiring diagrams and the wiring harness itself.

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I have a 01 outback and going to put a ecu and engine from a 98 legacy forester. My outback is a 2.5 sohc and the new one will be 2.0 dohc will the ecu's match up harness wise or do I have to repin the new one?

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