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HELP! Tac/rpm acting weird (scaring me!)

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all of the sudden I started my 82 gl yesterday and the tac was viciously jumping up and down but it wasn't revving the motor all the way. I could kind of hear something under the hood making kind of a slipping/skipping noise. I thought it could have been frozen coolant because its mostly straight water and it was freezing outside. so I let it warm up while doing this then went on my way. it would stop for a little bit but even once warmed up and driving it was still fluttering even in 4th gear going 55. its really not wanting to stay idling now either. when I put the clutch in to come to a stop it idles down and dies if I don't rev it in time. Anybody ever experienced this? Please help! THANKYOU!  :headbang:

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  i had a similar issue on my 84 long ago,, it was the distributor, the shaft was pretty woobley on it,  and the tach would read all weird, high then low, jump around etc.   and the motor didn't run smooth either,  i just let it go for a while,  then it died altogether, when i found the cause , the distributor shaft had locked up, and that in turn stripped out the drive gear on the crankshaft that turns the distributor.    i replaced the gear and front main seal, and bought a rebuilt distributor , and have not had any more trouble from it since.

 this may not be your issue but it is similar in symptoms.

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Also a few times before this happened when I turned the key off to kill the motor it would sputter out and not turn off right away. like it wanted to keep firing. thought that was kinda weird if that would have anything to do with it?


That issue is Known as "Dieseling" and only happens on hot engines, on cars whose carburetors doesn't have the fuel cutting solenoid, or it is failing / disconnected; in example: if you did a Weber Carb Swap, webers -usually- doesn't comes with such solenoid, so fuel will continue flowing, despite that you turned off the ignition, the fuel gets burned by hot spots inside the combustion chambers.


Kind Regards.

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