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So I just got this 1996 subaru impreza, and I can't get it to start. It runs on starter fluid fine and we aren't getting any sort of fuel out of the fuel line. I pulled the fuel pump tonight and I was curious if I could bench test it somehow? It looks pretty bad it is covered in rust but it might still be good. Also if anybody knows any weak points in the fuel system that would warrant looking at I would appreciate it. I am fairly new to this and so I am trying to learn as I go. (note: if there is any way of checking the relays wthout having to pull them out of the car or maybe the easiest way to pull one out.)

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If the pump is rusty, probably replace it anyway. That's a likely culprit. if it's rusted, it won't last long anyway.


Your fuel filter is mounted by the strut tower on the drivers side of the engine bay. You can disconnect it and blow air through it to see if it is clogged.


check the fuel lines for bad rust. Most likely a new (or good used) fuel pump will fix it.

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