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I have a 1996 legacy ls wagon 2.2 auto. the other day it went into a limp mode. and when we shut it off it wouldn't start. we had the codes ran and no codes the coil pack was rotted and grounding out on its mounting bolts. we replaced the coil pack, and it still didn't start. I have checked that it is getting spark at the plug and it was great. then I went through the fuel pump, relay and filter. the fuel system works past the fuel filter the injectors are getting power. I am so lost. please help

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the timing is right on I have checked that and it was also replaced a month ago when I did the water pump it cranks just fine no dragging or anything and there is spark and fuel after the filter it ran fine all the way up to Colorado springs from canon city and that's a bout 40 miles then we parked the car came out hours later and it started just fine then when we got about a block it started doin this stuff and we changed the coil pack and that was it  crank but no start I went through all of the fuel system except the injectors but I did check that they are getting power

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