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Where is the appropriate place to post mechanical problems  I am having on this forum?


I have several problems 


2001 Legacy hatchback automatic transmission.


Thumping of driveshaft/transmission(?) in first gear (I think). Like a drum roll with 5-8 thumps then fine. It feels like it is coming from the middle of the vehicle just behind the front seats.  Also I can hear a very faint high pitched metal on metal scraping when crawling forward. 


Smell of fuel in cabin compartment when in idle. 


Scariest of all a the car struggling on acceleration and  pushing back (like being in to low a gear) then slightly accelerates a couple times. The tachometer bounces up and down a little reflecting struggling of engine/transmission(?). The check engine light flashes during this Shifting in to neutral then back in to drive while still moving corrects this.


When ever I shift into drive even when stopped the car starts to idle roughly 


I have not had the error codes read before the this last problem occurred


and they where and Evap system leak small and a Transmission Knock Sensor (I think I) 




I am just trying to get a better idea of what  the problems are


Oil is good (although I have a small oil leak which I will try and address if the other problems are not fatal)

Transaxle fluid level is good. I changed it about a year ago


Going to do the usual things


spark plugs/ cables

fuel filters

PCV valve

and investigate the EGR


Any help would be appreciated


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give us the codes - the actual numbers.


if it's the knock sensor, those are easily replaced in a matter of minutes, cost $15 on ebay, and fail due to age so no big surprise there.

they also can cause severe performance issues.

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