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What is the best motor to put in a 99 Subaru outback with a toasted engine

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Hi all I am a first time user with a brand new toy in the garage picked up a used 99 outback with 109k and what appears to be a blown head gasket. Been building cars and doing motor swaps and American trucks for fun.


1 what is the best mother to put in place of this to make this car bullet proof not afraid of work but also not interested in a science project


2 if I go down the rebuild route I have 3 questions

2.1 what would a top end only with the heads reworked cost me

2.2 what would the bottom end cost if that is required as noted on a number of forums

2.3 where should I look for the machine work on block and heads in jersey but shipping is cheap so not worried about location


3 any really cool power upgrades that will still keep the motor reliable if I rebuild


The last guy has installed new radiator water pump and thermostat stating the diagnostics tomorrow on the C02 in the radiator and compression test any other things to look for in testing car seem to run ok but it is missing a little with a check engine light that is on the list to decode. The car has also had the exhaust modified to make it less restrictive does this have any major impact on the motor it appears he did this about 2 months before he started having heating issues


Thanks to all in advance

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If you want bullet proof swap in a 2.2. It is a very common thing to do, not a science project, and computer wise plug and play. The rest of the tweaks just depedn upon the engine you swap in.


So you are going to build your own engine? If so then you can give it extra power from the ground up as you cant just bolt on HP on a stock 2.5. You can put on headers but subarus breath fairly well to start with. Now do a (set of) cam(s) and a header it is worth it.

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EJ22. as preventative maintenance: install a new timing kit, water pump, cam seals, cam cap oring, metal rear separator plate, reseal the oil pump, stock NGK spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, adjust the valves.


awesome engines.  you'll loose 20 hp but gain massive longevity and reliability.  easy 300,000 miles if you get a good engine and don't run it hot or out of oil.


1995 - 1996 are non interference if your'e a purist or don't maintain your cars well.

1997-1998 are interference and excellent too - just replace all the timing components.


1995 is direct swap

1996-1998 direct swap, requires EJ22 exhaust manifold.

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Check out  " jdmtigerjapanese.com " for used low mileage engines from Japan.

IMHO, JDM motors are expensive, particularly when shipping cost is added in.

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With it being a 99, it will have an 8 bolt bellhousing, so you will have to use a thread insert and a stud for the lower starter mount if you use a 2.2l. Other than that its a direct bolt in using any of the guides posted here.

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