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K&N drop in filter number?

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Trying to findout what filter to use in my car. My car is a 87 GL-10(turbo). The K&N sight has no real selection for the turbo motor. yet there are two part numbers. One for the RX (P/N:33-2232) witch I would think woud be the same as my turbo sedan and one for a 1.8L F.I engine (P/N:33-2010). Does anyone know?

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Go with the 33-2010. Thats the number I got when my friend looked up the number. That filter should work with any older fuel injected subaru.


I just looked up the numbers on the K&N website. The 33-2232 is the wrong filter. It is for a legacy. The 33-2010 is the right filter. I compared the measurements from K&N with a fram filter I had sitting around. They are the same.

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