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golden gordon

New Suby owner with noisy engine

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Hi folks,

My wife recently bought a 1990 L series sports wagon. Every mechanic that has looked at it to date comments on how good it's condition is..but.. my wife reports that there is an intermittent engine noise, a loud clacking or ticking noise. The noise seems to be coming from around or below the distributor , but not from the distributor.  Sounds a bit like a noisy lifter, but being unfamiliar with these motors I'm not sure. Any ideas?



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likely so. No cause for alarm as it is nothing that is catastrophically failing or ever will.


The condition may be caused by a cavitated o-ring in the cam tower, and posssibly also in the oil pump. 


Either work can be done easily enough if you are handy with cars. But it may be expensive at a shop if they are unfamiliar withthis car, so find a reliable subaru guy.


Here is a video that illustrates the cam tower o-ring

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