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Looking for more info: 1974-75 Subaru DL

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Greetings forum denizens,


To make a very long story short, recently helping my mom purchase a 2014 Forester came with it a healthy dose of nostalgia, and now I'm looking for more info.  Excuse the poor picture quality, but these are scans of pictures taken back in 1978 or so and they haven't aged well.  I'm hoping to get better, higher quality pics of the car soon, but the photo album is currently not in my possession.


subaru front

subaru rear

subaru frontquarter


Here's what I do know.  The vehicle is a Subaru DL sedan.  It was purchased used around 1975 by my father when we lived in Ecuador.  My mom said that the car was "barely used" and pictures do indeed seem to indicate that the vehicle was only driven for a short period before it was put up for sale, so with a little googling and picture cross referencing I have narrowed it down to 74 or 75 and the badge on the rear matches the DL model.  By 1979 or so he traded it in and got a white Chevy Chevette which was quickly disposed of in about a year before we came to the US (frankly none of my family remember it fondly, unlike the Subaru).


Ok, so some actual questions.


Is the car a 1974 or 1975?  Image searching seems to indicate that there were some notable cosmetic changes in that narrow ranges of years 1973-76 and I think I may have even seen an ad or two actually showing two fairly different looking cars as being the same year. 


Anybody have any clean pictures of that particular car?  Not really particular about the color, but I'm curious about things like how the interior looked and what the wheels looked like. 


I remember that my father added the fog lights himself, but does the rest of the vehicle appear to be stock, including the front air dam and the trunk spoiler with the Subaru bading?  What about those two curious looking hood vents? 


Would this vehicle have been AWD?  I'm very sure it was a manual since my mom told me of my dad's attempts to teach her how to drive a stick shift being rather disastrous.  And what about the engine, any ideas of what it was packing?


And the last big question, where is the best place I could go hunting for a 4 door sedan of that style for myself?  I'm guessing it's a pretty big longshot after all these years, but the odds are completely zero if I don't even start looking and asking, so thanks for reading.



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here's a '76 coupe which is kinda close....




here's a '74 coupe, which has a different grill...


the sedans and coupes are harder to find, but they're out there... 


Most of the cars that were sold here had the EA71 I believe. Not sure if they sold the 1400cc in Ecuador...

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