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Central Locking System has gone nuts!

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2001 Forester is the vehicle.  I knew that system was a mistake.


It started yesterday.  The central locking system is locking the doors on its own.  I came out at lunch, and had to unlock with the key.  The same after lunch.  The same at the end of the day.  When I drove home, it had locked me in, and it wouldn't let me out!  It kept locking the door as soon as I opened it, or else it wouldn't unlock at all.  As I was sitting ther playing with it and trying to figure it out, I could hear it trying to lock spontaneously, click-click-click...It seemed to have stopped when I got out.


This morning, it was locked again.  And once I got in, the battery was too flat to start the engine, probably because this thing was running all night.


1.  What is probably wrong with it?

2.  How can I fix it?

3.  Can I just pull the fuse to get it going?  What else do I lose if I pull the fuse?

4.  Maybe it would be better to unplug it.  Where can I unplug it?  IN the door or is there somewhere under the dash that will be easier to access?


I need the car to get to Prince George on Sunday, 400 miles or so, and will be there far from home and tools for a week or 2, so I need a quick fix to get me going.



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Look under the dash on the drivers side and there should be a remote keyless entry module. Unplug that and see if the problem stops.


Could also be the door switch. I would try the RKE module first.

The other option would be a bad security module.

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