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Hello and thanks for having me on this Forum. I'm a first time poster


I’m a Subaru owner, having a 06 Outback wagon LL Bean edition 3.0R.  I've got 114K miles on it and it’s been a great car with only the typical maintenance and upkeep work done over the lifetime of the car. I typically but not always have services done at the dealer except simple oil changes. 


Recently, I have had an issue with my automatic transmission.   It started off shifting very heavy with a thud when being moderately stressed.  Then I noticed noises coming from the undercarriage, first there was a ticking or thumping that corresponded with the speed of the car.  Then I noticed a whining noise that resembled
pressure being released coming from what I would think would be the area where the transmission is housed.  When I stop and put the car in Park it does not lock the wheels in place, the car rolls if not on a flat surface while in park.  I can put the transmission in all gears, forward, reverse etc. and they work.  However, driving is noisy and its definitely not shifting like before. 


So I’m assuming this is a transmission problem.  I do not have any warning or engine lights on.  I see no leaking or visible damage while looking under the car. I can drive it; however, I’m a bit nervous as I don’t want to create more damage. 


I’m unsure of the best approach to have this diagnosed and serviced.  I live on Long Island and don’t have a good independent mechanic that I can rely upon.  I’m not sure this is something I wish to bring to the dealer as they seem to charge quite a bit for their major services.


Can anyone recommend a trustworthy mechanic on Long Island, and or does someone recognize these symptoms and have an idea what my best
course of action is.  My biggest question is do I take it to the dealer, someone like an AAMCO or a local independent mechanic that I do not know or trust. 



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Welcome to the USMB. 


I'm going to move your thread to the new gen forum where it will get some more visibility.  I also don't recommend AAMCO...I've heard too many horror stories.

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