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Clean Headlight Lenses for $1.00

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Clean Headlight Lenses for $1.00


I just cleaned the plastic headlights on my daughter’s Legacy and my Taurus and thought I would post this for what it’s worth:


Buy a tube of toothpaste at the $ store. I bought 6 oz of Ultra brite for $1.00

Apply lots to a soft damp cloth and clean those lenses using a circular pattern and lots of elbow grease (free)

Wipe off with a clean damp cloth. Repeat if necessary.


Compare the first lens with the one you haven’t cleaned yet, I think you will be pleased with the results.

I finished off with some Meguiar’s cleaning wax for extra sparkle and perhaps some protection.  Not $1.00 and not really necessary, the toothpaste gets the job done and you can use the rest for your teeth. (However I would not recommend the Meguiars for that purpose)

Next step, replace those old headlight bulbs with some better ones. Walmart stocks 3 – options: “Good, better, best” Sylvania brand
which I have had good results with. I changed to the “better” choice for the Taurus and the combination of clean lenses and better bulbs improved the lights noticeably.


Good luck, John aka Kenneth


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