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Subaru H6 Upper Oil Pan Replacement Question

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I don't know for sure that the engine has to come out, but I can guarantee pulling the engine would make it easier to get to.


That said, this is a part that is sealed at the factory with RTV, and will probably never leak.

More often than not leaks in that area are caused by Head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, or a leaking oil seal or o-ring.

If you can't see exactly where the leak is coming from, clean the area well with purple power or engine degreaser, and try to find the exact source of the leak. 99.99% chance its NOT the oil pan.

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It could be the o-ring for the Oil cooler (between filter and block)


They leak all the time and look like could be upper pan but isn't


Never seen a 3.0 need the pan resealed.......replaced from rust.....but not leaking seal.

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