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My wife's Subaru XT Turbo

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This is 1986 Subaru XT I bought as a engagement gift to my current wife in year 2010. At last at year 2013 I began to renovate. It took 2,5 months. Body was badly rusty but the engineering was mainly in good shape. In odometer is about 150 000 km. Air suspension works great. Only thing that is missing, is electric antenna, and i'm looking for that. I've also thought about installing the cruise control system if I'll find parts.



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I'll show you some pictures of the renovation.
Click for larger pictures.

At morning of the starting date:


At evening:

12511711.t.jpg 12511712.t.jpg 12511713.t.jpg

My wife helped me to remove the parts.

The gray XT is for parts. I bought a third one during the project:

(Also for parts, but it's reparable)

12550164.t.jpg 12550163.t.jpg

Car raised on the grill:

12554434.t.jpg 12554433.t.jpg 12554436.t.jpg 12554435.t.jpg

Found "some" rust...

12556699.t.jpg 12556696.t.jpg 12556695.t.jpg 12556697.t.jpg 12556698.t.jpg



Edit: I tried to add more pictures, but they disappeared. I'll try again later. :)

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there's an XT specific forum too - subaruxt.com, almost all the members there are members here but some frequent that board and aren't really on here very often. might find an XT antenna over there i'd imagine.  some folks have simply fitted alternate aftermarket antennas too that don't retract.

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I know Subaruxt.com, but if it's not prohibited, i'll show car project here. I have not yet signed up to the XT forum.

After seeing the damages, I became depressed. But I decided to finish the job and put the car back on the road!

The following pictures show step by step how I fixed one of the worst rusted places, driver's side floor.

Here it Starts. Cutted off mostly of damaged areas.
12898760.t.jpg 12898761.t.jpg 12898762.t.jpg

New frame...

12898764.t.jpg 12898765.t.jpg 12898791.t.jpg

Piece by piece...
12898792.t.jpg 12898793.t.jpg

This was little bit difficult to produce and weld it on place.
12898794.t.jpg 12898795.t.jpg 12898796.t.jpg

Almost ready

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Other repairs...
12898886.t.jpg 12898887.t.jpg

Painted with rust-stop primer. Rear crossmember came from my other parts car, painted it and most of the undercar parts too, before reinstalling.
12898889.t.jpg 12898890.t.jpg 12898891.t.jpg 12898892.t.jpg

And more rust repairs... Remember that this was my first bigger car renovation.
12898907.t.jpg 12898908.t.jpg 12898909.t.jpg 12898910.t.jpg

This one area came from gray XT...
12898911.t.jpg 12898912.t.jpg
First layer of underbody coating and reconditioned parts installed back on the places.
12898922.t.jpg 12898923.t.jpg 12898924.t.jpg 12898925.t.jpg

Front fenders was pretty rusted:
12898926.t.jpg 12898927.t.jpg 12898928.t.jpg


During this project, my welding skills were improved. :D

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First test drive with summer tires and first snow became. The next day was a vehicle inspection whose passed without notices.
 12898965.t.jpg 12898966.t.jpg

Hub caps painted with body color, for winter wheels
12899034.t.jpg 12899035.t.jpg

And this is what it looks like now:
 12899058.t.jpg 12899059.t.jpg


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I found a power antenna from a local junkyard. Also the cruise control parts I can get from there when I visit next time. I first need to ascertain which components are needed. B)

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