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Found an RX in Northern Virginia

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I had spied this thing out of the corner of my eye going through Gainesville on 29, and finally stopped to inquire.


I think it is an 89. Here's the good and the bad.


Bad - 3dr body is close to a total loss. It smacked something up front, and the front was in the bushes, so I couldn't see the full extent of the damage. Looked like the headlights are busted and the front of the hood is beaten up. A grille, maybe not the original, is under the hood in the spare tire well. I think creases in the front fenders, maybe not. Elsewhere, I don't think I saw a single panel that didn't have some rust on it. The rear and rear fenders were holed.


Good - The interior was very clean, but no radio and the front seats were in bad condition with some Kmart seat covers on them. Looked under the hood, and it appeared to be quite clean. I talked to the owner, and he said the drivetrain - engine and transmission - was all new. Not sure what that means, but it did look clean, and had the dual range shifter (with the different shifter, just an L without a knob). The body kit was okay except I didn't see the front air dam. I think it had all 4 white hubcaps in good condition.


The ugly - the guy wanted $600 for the whole car. I think that is a little steep, but if the drivetrain is really new or even remanufactured, it might be okay. I suspect the guy will take less. I think the car has been in this lot for about a year.


If anyone is interested, it's at Carter's Automotive on 29 across from the new Shopper's Food Warehouse in Gainesville.

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