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Hi there!


I am brand new to the world of Subarus, and I am having trouble tracking down basic info. I am interested in the differences from the very very basic to the technical between the Baja turbo and non-turbo cars from 2005-6. I have found a few discussions about repair expenses, but want to know about power differences, gas, terrain they can handle etc.


Also does anyone know if Subaru would back a special project car if it were brought to their attention? I plan to do something with it that's not been done before, and it's a niche, can't say much else right now.



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that cars101 is a good starting point.


baja is essentially the same turbo to non-turbo.  they just bolt a different engine inside of it and tweak some very minor things.  auto trans has a few more clutch plates, spring rate on the springs are a little stiffer...etc.  very little difference except for the turbo.  heck -  the hood, fenders, suspension, etc all swap with an Outback and Legacy, so they're even "the same" in many regards.


highly unlikely for Subaru to partner, but why ask us, i've seen stranger things.  it is highly unlikely for a company to partner with you about a product that's outdated and not current either.  i'm sponsored by a company and when i want to use older products they push me hard to use the latest and greatest...it's what's being sold and part of their corporate strategic marketing/branding/commercialization structure, going against that violates the principles that makes business focus and succeed.  outside of a very, very compelling reason i doubt it.


You're more likely to get a creative partnership with a college that has automotive presence or other avenues like that and then attract sponsors/grants that way.  But that's enough about that, you're in this biz apparently and hardly need my recommendations....or i'll start charging a consulting fee. lol


Lots of people on here customize, engine swaps, build products, lifts, controllers, have started businesses/products, etc...partnerships are unlikely.  subaru has a very small market, so they're not nearly as big of a player as some of the others.

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