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Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice before I begin my next project. My intake manifold gasket seems to be worn out, there is a whistle coming from just behind the ac compressor, when I spray maf cleaner in the area the engine jumps up in rpms, so I have it narrowed down to the gasket.. My car has 258,000 miles and most of the parts are still stock,I have been replacing things as they die. But now i want to be proactive and help myself in the long run and was hoping you guys could help :) While I am taking the car apart for the intake manifold gasket is there any other parts i should replace or clean?? Fuel filter, fuel injectors, vacuum houses, or any seals that I should retouch ? I want to take care of any parts that are known for failure while I'm in there:] advice would be great, thank you!


93 LEGACY 2.2l 257,000 miles, no egr valve.

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Well if it not broken don't fix it.


only thing that can fail that's easier to get to with the manifold off is:

- Knock Sensor

- Coolant Temp Sensor


You really don't need to remove much to change out the Intake gaskets as you an just lift the intake up a bit and slide the old gaskets out.  As long as there is no stuck gasket you have to clean off you can slide the new gaskets right in and bolt it back up.

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