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'87 s/r and d/r clutch question

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i have an '87 GL Turbo (5-speed s/r) and an '87 RX Turbo (5-speed d/r)


on my GL clutch, it seems like the clutch starts to disengage as soon as you begin to press pedal, and is fully disengaged once its at floor (about 6-7 inches of travel).. and my RX clutch doesnt start to disengage until about 2 inches from floor and is fully disengaged once pedal is on floor (only 2 inches of travel)


so im really just wondering if my GL has worn out clutch or if the RX is adjusted differently?? ive only ever driven my GL, so i dont have much experience with how these clutches are supposed to be "normally", or if they differ between the s/r and d/r turbo transmission


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Sounds like a difference in adjustment.


They should be the same clutch.


Both are turbo so should have the spring loaded cable mount to the pedal.....so they feel differnet than the N/A cars......


If the spring has been ditched for an N/A cable that would make them feel different.

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