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how to value/price my 1984 turbo wagon?

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KBB, NADA, edmunds, etc. all seem pretty useless. 


i searched the FS forum for recent sales data but didn't see a whole lot of 1984 (or 1983 for that matter) turbo wagons being sold or moved around the board. 


obviously condition and mileage trumps all but what should i expect to ask for the old wagon? 


172k miles

failing front diff

disc brake conversion

stacks of service records as far back as 1999 when i bought the car from the original owner

9/10 interior

7-7.5/10 exterior

tinted windows

new tune up parts

new red top battery

new bosch (not reman) starter

plus a bunch of other things


what do you guys think? i'm not holding onto the idea of keeping the car because it's rare/unique/95% original, it's just that i have no use for it and it's been garaged for the last 5 years. someone out there should enjoy this thing.  :unsure:


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I sold one in pretty fair shape for $2000 about 2 months ago. Ran great and had good transmission, turbo, and engine with slightly lower compression in #1 cylinder

thanks. i know they're much more common up there, mine came from a dealership in the dalles, actually. haha! 


A picture is worth a thousand words!

i've got some floating around but i'll get up pics soon of how the car looks at this moment... mostly just dusty. 


I've seen it. Nice car.

thanks jonas! 

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