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bolt torque specs?

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Hey guys, 


  I finally have all the hard parts to put my EA81 back together. Except I can't find any torque specs for the case bolts or head bolts.  Does anyone have them for an 85 GL 1.8?


  I'd really love to get my car on the road this month.  I've searched everywhere on this forum that makes sense and found nothing, even the Old Subaru book seems to come up short on torque specs.

  Theres so much bad info on the rest of the net regarding these cars, I dare not use anything I find there.


  Thanks in advance.  Whether you have a trusted link or can just type it up. I need to torque my case halves together and torque my heads on, thanks.



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Thats because the search engine on this forum sucks.



use google, it is much better.


Start with this.....







FYI, on my ea81 when using felpro permatorque head  gaskets, I did a final of 55 lb ft


Just be sure to follow the correct sequence.

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