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The atomic clearance lights were removed as an option shortly after the introduction of the E82 lineup due to stricter guidelines introduced by the nuclear regulatory commission. Hence, ACL bearings are largely unobtainable. It was rumored that Sadam Hussein bought up the remaining NOS ACL bearings on the black market when he learned they could be used in uranium centrifuges,  but coalition forces did not find them during the 2003 invasion. Allegedly. It has been reported however, that Syrian assault armored vehicles (which we know are mostly '89-'90 Subaru wagons with a very thick coating of JB Weld slathered on them) have super bright kick rump roast clearance lights. Things that make you go, "hmmmm".



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ACL    4B8291 (rods)

ACL    3M8294 (mains)


King bearings are comparable imho. GL!


And there are still some in std/oversizes still to be found, try amazon.

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