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how to get right coilover height on 5 lug'ed XT

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I've never had coilover sleeves and im ignorant to them so i dunno how adjustable they are or if this is a stupid question(s)...


So im wondering how can i figure out what length coilovers to order

gonna get some ground control coilover sleeves for my FWD 86 xt gl-10 it says on their site 93-01 impreza coilovers come in 7" 8" or 9"


Im most of the way thru the 5 lug swap for the front i was thinnking I would just put the ea82t suspension back on and measure from spring perch to top mount and order the closest set of coil overs since they are adustable but...


Since it will have EJ stuff on it I dont think that would be accurate at all


I have EJ coil springs hanging around So should i throw those on with the EJ stuff, set the car down then....? not drive it of course

I was thinking cut the springs til i get about stock height of the xt and take the strut assembly off and then measure? sound good?

since those coils springs are a throw away pair.

I dont even know when ground control says 7" is that with the adjustable spring seat or just the spring?

I Can contact them on that one i  guess


I think I can figure out the back a little easier since it has xt6 trailing arms just measure the distance between stock height and the difference (if there is any) with the xt6 stuff on the back and subtract that from the length of the stock rear assembly?


and does anybody know if these coilovers will fit right into an ea82t top strut mount or do i Need EJ

although I might have to get camber plates so im not sure that matters


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